Please note that the NFAA has elimiated the Bowhunter, Bowhunter Freestyle Ltd, and Longbow classes.  The also eliminated Freestyle Limited as a style of shooting for Cubs/Youth/Young Adult and Pros. They also eliminated the Freestyle Ltd. Recurve class in the Pros. 


Our next shoot will be the International on Sunday, Oct 14. Online registration is closed. Registration will be available onsite.          

The Classic Target will be shot on November 24, 2018



Contact Becky with questions: or 520-235-4643

      Use the above form to mail in registration for State shoots. Write name of shoot on top.
Please include a check with your registration form and mail at least one week before the tournament to ensure your entry is received. The amount of the check can be found on the form or flier.  Checks should be made to the ABFAA and sent to:
Becky Pearson
PO Box 308
Saint David, AZ 85224
Any questions contact Becky at 520-720-9532

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